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Swimming pools! Movie Stars! Bling Bling!

I flippin love those lottery commercials.

I'm just going to go ahead and post here in spite of the fact that I have inconspicuously fallen off the face of the earth as far as most of you are concerned... I don't interact with nearly enough cool folks like you guys anymore!

So I haven't been updating so much lately, but everything is calm and well. Friday night I saw Johnnie English with Sarah and Liam. Just so you know, it was bad... so bad it was hilarious. Then we had some grub at the truck stop diner down at the port of Albany. It was fun, I'm super glad Sarah's in town!

Saturday I bought my new digital camera, which I am now having an affair with. I'm obsessed. I think it will pass, but I totally love it. I've taken a million pictures... I think that I'm like halfway toward paying off the camera through money I would have spent on film processing. Hehee... So fun.

I know I don't post here often, but it might be cool to spice things up a little with like themes... I know that sounds lame, but like, have a theme for people to be creative with, like... Albany. I have an infatuation with Albany, so like Lauren and I would post pictures, Kiki might do some cool graphics thing, PJ and Izzy could write some cool essas or something... (I don't know what everyone else is good at... sorry ;-)

Anyhoo... Saturday night I went to a party at Candice's place. It was super duper fun. Ian's sister Missy was in town, so she came along, and didn't quite fit in, but she still had a good time. She's really really really pretty and she's sort of like, thuggy I guess? She doesn't dress like that or anything, but she's like this badass hottie who probably wouldn't ever hang out with me by choice... lol She got tired and bored around 2, so we brought her home, but then we went back and didn't end up leaving until around 5:30 in the morning, at which point Ian almost got into a fight... Long story. But I'm going to post some pictures from that night just for the hell of it, because who doesn't like pictures of parties?

But for now, back to workity work. I have research to do. I went to a press conference by Governor Pataki a little while ago, and one of the interns, Lilia, came with me... It was so funny, she was like awestruck by the governor. It was cute. I'm off. :-D
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