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Okay, everyone, LISTEN UP. As you all know, we are throwing a HALLOWEEN PARTY at my old apartment, of which I have fond memories, and at which Mark, PJ, and Lauren now reside. I don't think they'll mind if I talk about it some. Halloween is awesome. Parties are awesome. Put it together. It's a Friday night, mark your calendars, tell your friends...etc. This post is for you guys to comment to with suggestions, ideas for decorations, shit like that. COSTUMES ARE NOT OPTIONAL. If you don't arrive with a costume, we will make you do something heinous BEFORE you are intoxicated, thereby worsening the effect. I, for one, am looking forward to this. Since we are poor, I think it's a good idea if you all provide your drink/drug of choice; we might, however be collecting for a keg. We'll figure it out. Invite everyone! As long as they're not dumb. Most of you know who the dumb people are. It's okay if you don't, we'll still like you. We also might make you do something heinous. One more thing: skin is in when thinking about costumes!
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